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Sonny's Barbacoa becomes the latest victim of theft with $25,000 stolen

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Posted at 10:09 PM, Jun 28, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-28 23:09:31-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Four different businesses in the West Side of Corpus Christi have been robbed and are now asking police to help.

All the robberies happened to businesses located between Port Street and Ayers Street and have happened within the last week.

Sonny's Barbacoa is the latest business to be hit. Owner Jospeh Hoskins claimed the break-in happened sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

At least one burglar broke in from the newly installed window AC unit, headed into the office and used a tool to break into the safe. That safe contained $25,000 in cash from weekend sales.

Hoskins said the thief also attempted to get rid of security footage by destroying records and cameras, but the footage was already stored on the cloud.

The stolen money not only affects daily business operations but employees lives outside of work as well.

"It's upsetting because the average person, we come to work everyday and we work hard to try to provide for our families," Hoskins said. "I try to provide for my employees so they can earn a living. But then you have lazy people who don't want to work so they'd rather go out and steal and take."

Just a few blocks away Chacho's Tacos are recovering from a theft this past weekend. Detectives said several hundred dollars were lost.

"They took money that we had. He actually tore everything up to get what he wanted. And he did," Chachos owner May Gutierrez said.

Next on the hit list was Cash America Pawn Shop. Their break-in happened Monday night going into Tuesday morning and a report was made Tuesday afternoon. Merchandise was taken and property was damaged.

Right down the street from them, New China Cafe also fell victim a couple of weeks ago.

"We got broken into this place twice in three or four days. They got away with a bunch of quarters, trying to break all the machines that we have for the toys, like the claw machine," employee Guen Wang said.

New China Cafe said someone went in through their drive thru window and cut the restaurants power. They then took five years worth of quarters from the claw machine and other change from other machines.

In total, the restaurant lost about $400. After they purchased security cameras and locked up their drive thru, the total loss ended up being $1,500.

The Corpus Christi Police Department is actively patrolling the area for any suspicious activity late at night.

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