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Sarcastic Susie's gifts car to loyal customer

They just wanted to pay it forward
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Posted at 5:32 PM, Feb 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-08 19:12:46-05

GREGORY, Texas — Thomas Labeaga is one of the most loyal customers Sarcastic Susie’s has. Two to three times a week, Labeaga walks from his home down the block to Sarcastic Susie’s.

“He has been one of our main supporters since day one when we opened this place,” said Sarcastic Susie’s owner Angela Arevalo. “Every time we have a new item, he’s always the first one at the window, ‘what do you got new today? I want to try it!’”

Labeaga said the convenience of having Sarcastic Susie’s within walking distance is part of the reason he goes so often, but the experience at the restaurant makes him want to take the walk down the block.

“The food matches the price. Every time I go, they get it correct, no hassle,” he said.

Labeaga walks to Sarcastic Susie’s not only because he lives so close, but also because he doesn’t have a car… or didn’t.

Angela and her husband Mike were recently gifted a 2002 Ford Mustang by a friend. They had no need for the vehicle and weren’t sure what to do with it. Monday, they were trying to figure out what to do with it, Labeaga walked up for lunch.

“We saw him, we looked at each other, and we said, ‘you know what? Let’s do it,” Arevalo said. “Let’s give it to someonewho really deserves it.”

When Labeaga walked up, Angela and Mike handed him an envelope, and told him they wanted to take a picture of him by the car.

“Next thing I know, Mike hands me the title and the keys to it,” Labeaga said. “I actually questioned it, I was like, ‘are you serious?’ and he said, ‘yeah, it’s yours.’”

“We handed him the keys and he said, ‘you’re kidding me?’ and I said, ‘No sir. This is no joke, if anyone deserves it, it’s you. You’re always there for your daddy and your grandma, you deserve it,’” Arevalo said.

Labeaga said the car just needs a new battery to be up and running, and is grateful for his new vehicle.

“I was not expecting it at all. To me, I’m very appreciative,” he said.

Arevalo said she and her husband were just trying to pay it forward, and Labeaga’s reaction was enough for them.

“It brought tears to our eyes, and we had chills, goosebumps,” she said. “But, it was so exciting to be able to do that for someone, someone who truly deserves it.”