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Robstown residents petition to be in Del Mar College's Tax District

Posted at 7:48 PM, Jun 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-01 20:48:32-04

ROBSTOWN, Texas — A new political action committee has been making waves to get Robstown into Del Mar College’s Tax District. On Thursday, the Del Mar College Board of Regents will meet to talk about Robstown.

“We think the people of Robstown are ready and they want Del Mar College,” treasurer of Robstown for Del Mar College Political Action Committee, David Petrick said.

In late April a petition was circulated among Robstown registered voters. In May, the petition was accepted by Del Mar and placed under consideration by the board. Now a service plan will be voted on by the board on what would go into including Robstown in the Tax District.

Primarily it deals with tuition costs, taxes, and educational resources.

“Then you address the services the college provides," executive vice president and chief operating officer of Del Mar College, Lenora Keas said. "Normally that’s courses programs and services like we already do provide on our campuses.”

Petrick has also been a commercial building owner in Robstown for 30 years. He thinks Robstown has been stagnant for too long.

“I think something needs to be done to help bring employers to Robstown," said Petrick. "And I think when an educated workforce is provided to the employers, more companies will come to Robstown.”

Robstown has long been included in Del Mar's service area. What does being added to the tax district mean?

For one, Robstown residents would be charged in-district tuition as opposed to out-of-district tuition. The difference is $50 a credit hour.

Petrick wants Robstown included in the tax district because Robstown has a lower median income than Corpus Christi, but enrolled students from Robstown pay more.

How much would taxes increase?

According to the presentation given to the board, it’s about 28 cents per $100 in property value. The average home in Robstown is $59,000.

“The median home price in Corpus Christi is $180,000," Petrick said. "So, the median homeowner in Corpus Christi is paying $500 a year to Del Mar College. And in this situation, the median homeowner in Robstown would pay $167.

What would happen next is clearly laid out in state education laws. If the board approves the plan, a public hearing will be set in Robstown in June. Then the board has until their August meeting to finalize how this will go on the November ballot.

The board meets on June 2 at 9:30 a.m. at the center for economic development.

To read the service plan that will be presented to the board Thursday, click here.

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