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Rise in Vacation Home Rentals in Port Aransas During Pandemic

Properties Say it Always Rise During Spring Break
Surge in rentals
Posted at 6:51 PM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 22:10:52-05

PORT ARANSAS — A lot of people from out of town are visiting Port Aransas and renting vacation homes during spring break this week.

Cinnamon Shore, a vacation rental property said a lot more people rent during spring, break and the pandemic hasn’t put a damper in those numbers.

“Right now we’re pretty much fully committed through the week of the nineteenth so after that we have more opportunities to book,” Jeffrey Thomas, the guest services supervisor said.

Although Governor Abbott is not requiring people to wear masks, some vacationers still find it worth it to come to South Texas even during a pandemic.

“We’re wearing masks every time we go into a place so if you know we’re in a situation where we’re at a place that we think is too crowded with too many people without masks we just won’t do it,” Andy Kepshar, a vacationer, said.

Cinnamon Shore said they also see another peak season, summer, between May and August, and despite the pandemic they've been getting bookings since last year.

Kim Vaughan from Austin is one of those vacationers that comes during the summer and has a home at Cinnamon Shore.

“We make the decision to leave when there gets to be too many people here,” Vaughan said.

Even with people leaving, other rental companies like Starkey Property Management also said they see a rise in vacation home rentals during spring break this year compared to last year.

“We have a lot more reservations that are booked last minute typically a week or two before arrival…just so people can make sure they’re not ill before traveling,” Lindsay Carlson, their marketing and owner relations said.

She said even a year into the pandemic, they are seeing more people renting vacation homes compared to last year.