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Residents at Cimmaron Estates sign a "waiver of liability" form before moving back

Inside look of Cimmaron Estates Senior Apartments
Exposed pipes, wires, insulation, and more are presented as residents move back in
Due to the freeze, pipes busted and flooded the hallways of Cimmaron Estates
Statement from the Cimmaron Estates waiver
The first floor at the Cimmaron Estates
The sign inside the elevator reads "Do Not Stand Here"
Posted at 8:28 PM, May 03, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Several images that were given to our newsroom show how construction continues, as many move back into their rooms.

“And there’s a lot of people in the apartment that’s on oxygen and everything else and the dust a sheetrock and everything is so bad and I don’t know how they expect people to live in this,” said Allan Rau.

Rau came to Corpus Christi all the way from Oklahoma to help his sister move back to her room and when they got to the property, Rau says her locks were changed and she was asked to sign a "waiver of liability."

The waiver states how there will be ongoing construction at the premises.

However, with exposed wires, sheetrock, insulation, and more Rau doesn’t agree that the apartments are habitable.

“If it can happen to them it can happen to anybody. And I don’t think they meet any kinda safety standards,” said Rau.

Rau says he’s worried his sister or other elderly residents especially ones who need assistance could hurt themselves.

“And I hate to go off and leave her in a place like that,” said Rau

Our KRIS 6 News team did reach out to the Cimmaron Estates corporate office Greystone on why they are asking residents to sign these waivers and when the will repairs be completed, so far we are waiting for an answer.