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Rescue of 35 dogs puts animal care services in great need of adoption

Posted at 6:42 PM, May 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-19 19:43:15-04

Following the rescue of 35 dogs and one cat in unsafe conditions on Wednesday, Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (CCACS) is calling on the community for emergency help.

“They were in a cruelty situation with wide assortment of cruelty violations present," program Manager of Animal Care Services, Joel Skidmore said.

Animals living in squatter conditions were found which is considered cruel confinement.

The condition in which these animals were found were: multiple animals to one kennel, untreated medical conditions, and close proximity to their feces and urine.

The dogs rescued put animal care services in a bind with little to no room.

In a video posted to Facebook, CCACS said they are over max capacity after bringing in the rescued dogs. So they made an urgent plea to the community to come to adopt or foster the dogs they already had.

Bruce Bishop walked in CCACS on Thursday after hearing about the conditions the 35 dogs were in.

“If you’re a big animal lover you feel like you want to help out in some way," said Bishop. "I have a lot of animals as it is, but I thought maybe if I found one that appealed to me and tugged at my heartstrings I might adopt.”

Bishop, like many others, showed up right after CCACS opened up at 1 p.m., looking for a way to help.

"We have seen a good response," Skidmore said. "Numerous rescues that we work with have reached out, expressing interest in tagging the animals.

Skidmore said many citizens have walked in wanting to know what they can do to sign up to foster an animal.

“It’s difficult on one hand with inflation and prices skyrocketing, but if I could help out I'd like to,” said Bishop.

Becky Veit and her husband Jerry stopped by CCACS as well after learning about what happened on Niagra Street.

“I was hoping that I could find out more information, about when I can adopt one, if possible, and see if we can help out some,” said Becky.

Their toy poodle ran away and has been looking for another dog for some time now.

"Got loose and ran away or something, I don't know what happened to him," Jerry said. "But toy poodle is hard to come by, so."

"We're just looking for something small, has to be small," Becky added.

People have also been curious to see if their lost dog was one of the 35 that were rescued.

That's what one couple hoped with their pit bull named Duke that has been missing for two months.

“We literally found out yesterday and then called this morning and came straight over here,” said Calista Olszewski.

“I mean its crazy because if there’s one lady with 35 dogs, how many other people have dogs like that? I mean because we’re pretty sure he got stolen,” Michael Hyland said.

Olszewski and Hyland ask if you find Duke, he's a white pit bull with a brown spot over his left eye, to reach them at 361-537-9399.

While it’s unclear when the dogs that were rescued will become adoptable or able to be fostered, many dogs remain ready to go at CCACS.

Walk-in adoptions are available from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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