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Programs to help with local court reporter shortage

Posted at 8:04 PM, Oct 24, 2019

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Court reporters play an important role in the nation's justice system. But their numbers are on the decline. The State of Texas has felt the pinch.

Del Mar College is working to change that. The community college is working with multiple organizations to train the next generation.

A court reporter's job is to type the official transcipts for court hearings, depositions and other court proceedings in real-time.

Del Mar College is working with organizations like U.S. Legal and Project Steno. U.S. legal has committed to giving students $1,000 if they can complete a one semester typing course with a speed of 160 characters per minute or above.

The school is also collaborating with Project Steno to provide skills and training without the requisite of a four-year degree.

"Project Steno has stepped in where they can give assistance to these students. They give them a 6 week course before school even starts to let them get use a machine, and use to the terminology, and it gives them a step up so when they start school they will progress faster. And Project Steno will then supply them per month so much assistance with the tuition and that helps the new incoming students," said Suzette Weis, instructor for court reporting.

Accordnig to the National Court Reporters Association, annual salaries of court reporters, captioners, and freelancers can reach upwards of $80,000.