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"Picc-A-Dilly" is an organic, ranch to market grocery store coming to the Southside

Posted at 4:52 PM, Jun 12, 2024

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Jordan Jaradat, the owner of Picc-A-Dilly, investing in organic, whole foods is a personal matter.
"Personal story- I got really sick during COVID. I almost died. After that, I decided no. I started eating well, I lost some weight and I'm healthier. We are going to be using all organic products, produce, farm to table, ranch to table," Jaradat said.

Located near S Staples Street and Yorktown Boulevard, the store carries a variety of organic items, from coffee to organic fried chicken and even organic pet food.

Jordan Jaradat2 .png

"This one right here is salmon for $1.50. I don't think anybody else can sell this for a dollar fifty and it's organic," Jaradat said.

Organic shelf.png

KRIS 6 News asked the owner why the name, "Picc-A-Dilly"?
"We're going to pickle our own pickles. You can watch how we pickle all kinds of vegetables and fruits," Jaradat said.

Jordan Jaradat.png

And Jaradat said the store is able to claim "ranch to market" because of where they source their products from.
"We focus on really getting the stuff from ranchers and farmers, helping local farmers, Texas farmers, Texas ranchers. I think 60% of the products we source is from Texas," Jaradat said.

Picc-A-Dillyis set to open tentitavely on June 15.

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