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PHOTOS: Alleged tasing of black teen in Woodsboro

Footage shows the alleged hate crime on Halloween
Posted at 7:41 PM, Jan 07, 2022

WOODSBORO, Texas — On Thursday, KRIS 6 News obtained a minute long cell phone video of an incident described as a hate crime out of the city of Woodsboro.

The images showed the moments leading up to the alleged tasing of a black teenager on Halloween.

Because some of the people involved are minors and to protect the victim, KRIS 6 has chosen not to post the video or audio. Instead, KRIS has chosen to post screenshots of the video instead.

As soon as the video starts, a person in a white hood with a point can be seen going towards the alleged victim. Off camera, a voice, who KRIS 6 learned is an under-aged girl, can be heard laughing.

Woodsboro 1.png

The victim scan be heard saying “it’s not funny” and to “stop” as he walks backwards away from the group.

The person in the hood continues to approach the victim and the sound of a taser can be heard. The girl is heard saying, “don’t say no.”


The victim can be heard continuously yelling “stop” and “chill out bro, that’s not funny.”

The girl heard saying “if you say the name, they’re going to tase you.” Another crack of the taser is heard. The girl says “get closer.”

The victim’s friend also appears in the video seeming to try and get in the middle.

You hear someone say the word “taser” and the girl says “surround him.” More cracking of the taser can be heard. Then she says “KKK” and the victim turns to run.


The girl's laughing gets louder.

At one point in the video a taser can be seen in the hand of one of the people wearing a hood.

Woodsboro taser.png
Woodsboro taser.png

There are two people in hood that appear in the video at once.

Woodsboro tasing.png

The girl says “get on the side of him.” Then one of the hooded people can be seen pointing the taser at the victim and you hear an audible reaction from the victim.


The girl’s laughter gets loud again.

The video ends shortly after the victim yells “chill” and walks away.

Woodsboro hooded video.png

One of the men allegedly in the video, 17-year-old Noel Garcia Jr., appeared in court on Thursday in Refugio and waived his arraignment. He could face two to ten years in prison if found guilty on the charges.

Rance Bolcik, 17, was also indicted in connection with the incident but his trial was reset to March.

Both were released from custody after posting $10,000 bonds. Both charges are third degree felonies and the indictment will include a hate crime enhancement. There have been no developments about the girl heard in the video.