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Parents, students react to fight outside local high school baseball game

Parents, students react to fight outside local high school baseball game
Posted at 7:52 PM, Apr 12, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The news, that at least two men got into a fight involving knives just outside of Tuloso-Midway High School's baseball field Friday night immediately after the team's game against Robstown High School ended, hadn't reached every student and their parents as of Monday afternoon.

When we told two mother-daughter pairs about the fight, we got their reaction.

“That’s kind of shocking," TMHS junior Olga Zavala said.

“Yeah, it’s kind of shocking,” her mother Irma Zavala agreed.

“(It's) concerning," TMHS parent Alicia Esquivel said. "I mean, I think adults need to be able to act their age."

“That kind of scares me, especially when knives are involved," her daughter, TMHS sophomore Ariana Esquivel said.

Corpus Christi Police say no one involved in the fight needed to go to the hospital and officers did not arrest anyone.

The case has been passed along to the CCPD's Criminal Investigation Department for further investigation.

One of the parents we spoke to wonders why police had to get involved instead of a school-sponsored guard.

“I think there should be more security — more people out there to be, you know, keeping an eye on what’s going on,” Irma said.

She also complained about the lack of information from the school.

Alicia agrees with her, saying the school should have sent a letter home with parents letting them know about the fight.

“The schools can only do so much, but I think a letter is one of those things that they can do," Alicia said. "It’s in their ability to notify all of the parents."

It's unknown if the two men police say were involved in the fight were parents themselves.

Regardless, Alicia says they should behave better around children.

“I believe in the news today there was another shooting at another school," she said. "So if us as adults can’t control ourselves, how do we expect our students to control themselves."