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Nursing home under investigation over claims of no working A/C for weeks

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Posted at 4:18 PM, Jul 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-14 18:41:41-04

UPDATE: Friday - 5:30 p.m.
Family members of residents at the Pelican Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation Center might have their minds at ease after hearing news of the building's air conditioning system. After KRIS 6 News' initial report, a KRIS 6 News viewer who claimed the system wasn't working said the nursing home reached out to him and said it is functioning.

He said, a relative then went to check on their loved one, and they determined the facility fixed the alleged problem. The person who reported the issue and visitors driving away from the facility told KRIS 6 News that the building feels cooler since a complaint was made.

The person who provided the tip said his relative lives at the facility, and he said there wasn't cool air for three weeks since July 10.

Pelican Pointe did not provide an official response or statement when requested. However, a facility manager told KRIS 6 News crews on site of the facility that the complaint was inaccurate.


Original Story:

With the intense heat this summer, having no working air conditioning raises many concerns regarding physical and mental health.

A viewer called KRIS 6 News on Monday and claimed there has been no working A/C at Pelican Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for the past three weeks.

After receiving the complaint, a KRIS 6 News photographer was sent to the center and was told by an employee that portable A/C units were brought in but weren't cooling the building.

On Tuesday afternoon, Pelican Pointe issued a statement that said: "It is not our policy to provide resident or employee information. The well-being of the residents is at the forefront of our daily actions, and temperatures within the facility have been monitored and are within the required specification as dictated by the Life Safety code."

However, the viewer who called KRIS 6 News claimed there have been no working A/C in certain sections of the facility. Again, Pelican Pointe would not confirm that allegation.

KRIS 6 also reached out to Texas Health and Human Services, who said the facility is using portable A/C units in the building. That was also confirmed by an employee at Pelican Pointe.

Texas Health and Human Services are currently investigating complaints and monitoring the situation.

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