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Nueces County Clerks office looking for poll workers

Posted at 9:08 PM, Sep 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-15 22:29:16-04

Across the nation, states and localities are finding it difficult to hire poll workers ahead of Election Day.

However, Nueces County seems to be having the opposite reaction.

Although County Clerk Kara Sands says it's a struggle every election year to hire poll workers, she has noticed more of an interest to work the election in 2020.

"We want people who really care about helping us protect this election," Sands said. "I can't have an election without the poll workers."

She says the interest is coming from all ages, many people are only looking to work one day, when this year the commitment to be a poll worker is for three weeks, with $12 an hour pay.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many seem to be more eager to work, like Leslie Parker who is currently looking for a job.

"I was furloughed back in March from an animal hospital and I’ve just been kind of on the job search since then," she said.

Parker said even though it's just for a few weeks, the pay will benefit her and her family.

And despite the pandemic keeping the older generation home, Maria Krueger said she wants people to vote, so she's willing to risk her safety.

"I have diabetes, but I sort of believe that if you wear a mask and stay safe and not real close to people and not shaking hands or embracing or anything, you should be safe," Krueger said.

Voting always provides Krueger with a sense of joy and she wants other people to be comfortable enough to come vote, too.

Sands says she recruits students every year, and because of the pandemic she will have to focus more on reaching out to them via Zoom.

This year, students as young as 16 are able to work at the poll sites.

To become a poll worker, you can submit your application here.