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North Beach drainage will get improvements through American Rescue Plan Act

$5 million going towards drainage
Posted at 5:11 PM, Jun 30, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — North Beach residents are no stranger to flooding due to high tides and rain. That's why the city of Corpus Christi has chosen to allot $5 million towards better drainage on North Beach through the American Rescue Plan Act.

Bob Catalano, who owns beach houses on North Beach, said he’s constantly having to drive through flooded streets and so are his renters. He said the standing water causes pot holes on the streets, which doesn’t make it safe for him or his renters to drive on.

“Plus I see the visitors that frequent the beach have to get out of their cars, they can't park here because they have to get out of their cars and step in muddy water,” Catalano said.

It’s also an issue that Ronald Graban, the Vice President of the North Beach Community Association, is having to face, especially because he’s building a house near Catalano’s property. He said the high tide brings water in towards where he’s building and brings in sea creatures. However, he is staying optimistic that the city will improve the drainage once he moves in.

“I’m excited about what the city is doing. We’re optimistic. We think that there is finally going to be something that’s going to happen,” Graban said.

Peter Zanoni, the city manager for Corpus Christi, said the city is looking into a few options they are considering for the drainage. One of those options is a linear canal that will be part of a park where residents can walk and enjoy themselves. That plan would cost about $40 million dollars.

Another plan Zanoni said they are looking at is a navigable canal that would also allow boats to pass. He said the project would cost $80 million.

The $5 million from the American Rescue Plan Act would go towards the design of the drainage solution and maybe even initial construction, according to Zanoni.

However, he said the Harbor Bridge is an obstacle to the canal because it takes up a lot of space on the South side of the project, but they will be able to work on the design and permitting on the North side.

Zanoni did not have a date on when the project would be finished because the xity is waiting to see if investors will put money into the navigable canal, but he’s remaining optimistic about the project.

“We care about North Beach. In my two years here I have continued to advocate and move forward the city council policy direction which is, let’s get North Beach revitalized, let’s figure out the drainage,” Zanoni said.