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New virtual food bank serving 'no kill' pet rescues in Texas now accepting donations

Puppy Food Bank
Posted at 4:24 PM, Jan 17, 2023

A newly formed virtual food bank is asking for help to alleviate food needs for local animal shelters.

According to a release, Puppy Food Bank, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing food supplies to pet rescue organizations committed to being “no kill,” is now accepting donations.

The virtual food bank will serve pet rescues in San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and Corpus Christi.

God’s Dogs Rescue in Von Army will be the first organization to benefit from a Puppy Food Bank shipment, the release states.

Puppy Food Bank works with pet food distributors to ship food directly to shelters, organizations, and approved fosters within the pet rescue organizations. Animal shelters who wish to learn more and want to apply to be a partner can by visiting the Puppy Food Bank websitPuppy Food Banke.

“Currently, animal shelters are dealing with twice as many dogs as they ever had, and it’s crippling their resources, which shouldn’t happen,” Executive Director Danielle Gunter said in the release. “A lack of food and resources should not deter animal rescues. This is just one small step that we can take to help solve the problem.”

Puppy Food Bank relies on donations to help save animals from being euthanized.

An $11 donation per month (37 cents a day) allows the organization to feed thousands of pets in the communities they serve, the release states.

All donors will also receive a free Puppy Food Bank tote bag in appreciation for their monthly support.

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