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New exhibit honors WWII veterans

Posted at 6:35 AM, Oct 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-21 07:35:04-04

The Art Center of Corpus Christi has revealed its new exhibit which honors WWII veterans. Visitors found captivating, written biographies telling the stories of each hero.

“And we have heard lots of really great feedback it's gotten lots of traction we've put it out online a lot we have seen a lot of people coming in very touched,” said Art Center of Corpus Christi Erin Lichter.

Lichter says the Before They’re Gone Portraits and Stories of WWII veterans exhibit has built a bond with those who stop by.

“So it really kinda hits home you really connect with the people a lot and it makes you appreciate the sacrifice they made,” said Lichter.

The creator of the exhibit, D. Clarke Evans, has been a photographer for 35 years and has worked closely with the San Antonio Spurs for many years.

“I'm trying to touch bases with people and get with people before they're gone, literally,” said Photographer D. Clarke Evans.

Evans says within his exhibit, he wanted to envision what life was like for these WWII heroes and where eleven of these men and women reside here in town.

“And to me, the story comes with the photographs is the most captivating part and I wanted people to realize from the story this is just ordinary people doing extraordinary things,” said Evans. While honoring the many sacrifices these veterans have made and admiring their resilience.

Workers with the Art Center say the exhibit will be on display till October 30.