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Mirador Senior Living synchronized swimmers perform in honor of July 4th

Posted at 6:05 PM, Jul 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-04 19:05:36-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — At Mirador Senior Living the synchronized swimmers use the pool to practice in preparation for events like today’s Fourth of July performance. 

Trudy Kenyon, the team captain tells me at their age it’s what keeps them feeling young. 

“You get the resistance of the water, and it helps you build strength, and we work on balance,” Kenyon said. “It’s good for anyone.” 

With the average age of these swimmers being 81, Kenyon said getting to this point took a lot of practice and passion. 

“They’re working really hard and they’re professional. They swim every single day for 8 hours,” Kenyon said. 

 A team made up of 9 swimmers and 1 mermaid. They swam to the tunes of Disney’s Little Mermaid among residents and friends.

“I'm ready to do another performance,” Kenyon said. 

At the center of this performance Anne Gale put on her mermaid tail. She said it means a lot to be a part of the team. 

“I'm very happy as a family member not only to be able to participate in the pool but also be a part of the community and have my parents have such. Safe and loving community to grow old in,” Gale said. 

Any resident at Mirador can participate in synchronized swimming. An active lifestyle Gale recommends. 

“Senior living is transforming. I’m at the point where I want to call it active living,” Gale said. 

Kenyon agrees. It’s a lifestyle she plans to continue. 

“If I’m lucky enough I’ll be doing it at 90 or even 100 if I live that long,” Kenyon said. I've always been a swimmer most of my life.”

The routine lasted about 8 to 10 minutes and they finished to America the Beautiful in honor of July 4th.