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Late night burglars cleared shelves of a local Office Depot

Posted at 1:53 PM, Jul 16, 2019

Burglars made off with shelves worth of merchandise from an Office Depot this morning.

According to officials, police responded to the call at 2:36 am at the Office Depot located at 5425 S Padre Island Dr #151.

Office Depot break in
Office Depot break in

The burglars appeared to have driven through the front entrance that was locked with a metal gate. CCPD Senior Officer Travis Pace told KRIS that the damages and items stolen total at about $30,000.

Police have confirmed that the truck used was in fact a stolen vehicle.

"They smashed the door open. It was a stolen truck," an employee told us, "I know that they smashed that concrete beam out there. The radiator fluid busted. I know the cops were able to track them down. They got away with electronics and stuff."

Office Depot break in
Office Depot break in

At least two laptops and several home security devices were stolen. An employee showed us some empty shelves that once held laptops and other electronics.

Office Depot Burglary 12.jpg

Police reviewed surveillance video, and saw two suspects wearing hoodies with their faces covered. Police have not released the names of any suspects.

There was a string of smash and grab burglaries in May. Officials say it is too early to tell if these are connected.