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Lake Corpus Christi business owners feeling lasting impact from recent drought

Business owners around Lake Corpus Christi feeling impacts of drought
Posted at 8:37 PM, Aug 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-23 21:37:32-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The rain brought in by Tropical Storm Harold was a sight for sore eyes for businesses around Lake Corpus Christi.

Paul Brittain is the owner of the Tacklebox, a bait shop. He said that drought the Coastal Bend has been experiencing is hurting his business.

 “When certain boat ramps close, it kills my business, and you can watch it happen,” Brittain said. “It’s like the moment certain boat ramps close, it’s like my business tanks and it like I hope we get some rain.”

He said that receding waters and economic uncertainty has caused him to worry.

“We’ve been lucky that we have gotten some rain, (and it) did mostly fill it up and I was able to continue my business but what happens in that one year when you don’t get that rain event,” he said. “It makes be the whole year where the lake is empty and I am going to hope that I do good selling pizzas that year."

Brittain said that efforts to conserve water, explore alternative water sources, and raise awareness about the issue are what’s going to gaining momentum for this business.

“So, I think for the next couple of months, its definitely going to make a difference for me. This rain that’s coming in, if we can get some of those boat ramps opened back up,” Brittain said.

He hopes that these combined efforts will not only provide short-term relief to struggling businesses but also ensure the longevity of the region's tourism industry and the health of its ecosystem.

Brittain also said that he expects to see an increase in his sales thanks to the rain.

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