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Kitchen Cops Dec. 17, 2020 report

Kitchen Cops
Posted at 7:35 PM, Dec 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-17 20:36:25-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — It’s an all-academic kitchen cops report.

18 schools received either a perfect score or an a from health inspectors.

There are 13 CCISD kitchen crews who’ve earned perfect scores.

Perfect Scores

Berlanga Elem. School located at 4120 Carroll

Coles High School located at 924 Winnebago

Dawson Elem School located at 6821 Sanders

Adkins Middle School located at 2402 Ennis Joslin

Driscoll Middle School located at 3501 Kenwood

Evans Elem School located at 1315 Comanche

Fannin Elem School located at 2730 Gollihar

Kaffie Middle School located at 5922 Brockhampton

Kostoryz Elem School located at 3602 Pamama

Veterans Memorial High School located at 3750 Cimarron

Sander Elem School located at 4102 Republic

Allen Elem School located at2002 Elizabeth

Yeager Elem School located at 5414 Tripoli


Browne Middle School located at 4301 Schanen

Grant Middle School located at 4350 Aaron

King High School located at 5225 Gollihar

Carroll High School located at 5301 Weber

Meadowbrook Elem School located at 901 Meadowbrook

Also in our Kitchen Cops report, a viewer named Javier Zapata, sent us pictures he claimed he bought chicharrones con carne at thhe La Michoacana on Ayers Street.

He says when he got home he noticed maggots in his food.

Zapata says he took the ones he hadn’t eaten, back to the store, and they gave him a refund. No questions asked.

We contacted the health department. They sent an inspector to the store Thursday.

The manager on duty at the store, Myra Rosales, confirmed that to us when we stopped by.

Rosales also told us the store only holds chicharrones for two days, then throws out what hasn’t sold, and puts a fresh batch out.

The inspectors gave them a score of 97, according to Rosales.

Mr. Zapata told us he has not felt sick since eating the bad food.

He hasn’t had to go see a doctor, nor did he contact the health department