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Kingsville construction causing issue for elderly resident

City says construction is still ongoing
Posted at 7:10 PM, Apr 21, 2022

The City of Kingsville has contracted construction on some residential roads in town to install concrete gutters and curbs.

The construction is on west Warren Avenue for Manuela V. Rios, an elderly woman who lives on the street.

“I have problems walking, a lot of problems,” Rios said. “When they hadn’t finished this, it was hard for me to go across the street, to get into a car to go see my doctors.”

The issue Rios is referencing is a dip between the edge of the road and the curb, where the gutter was installed.

Janine Reyes, the Public Information Officer for the City of Kingsville, said the construction project is still ongoing, and contractors have to wait around 30 days before they can move onto the next part of the project.

“They have to wait for the curb and gutter work to cure, before they move to the next phase of that project,” Reyes said.

After the concrete can set, or fully harden, the contractors will chip seal the road, which is a process that protects the road from becoming brittle.

As for a temporary fix to make it easier for Rios to navigate the parts under construction, Reyes said unfortunately, nothing can be done.

“Any type of a temporary situation that they may attempt to put out there could potentially cause problems with the project being completed correctly,” she said.