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Keeping the Westside cool for over 50 years

Sno-Ball 1
Posted at 5:26 PM, Jun 28, 2024

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — With the rise in temperatures, we all need a way to keep cool. Over on Baldwin, on the city's Westside, there is a yummy and, most importantly, affordable way of doing it.

Some people know them as minutas, granizadas, or, in Mexico, raspas. What they are is shaved ice in a cup with flavored syrup generously poured over the top.

So when people pull up to Sno-ball 1 at 3830 Baldwin on a hot summer's day, there is one thing they all look forward to—the ice!

SnoBall 1 on the Westside of Corpus Christi

Every Sno-ball is made uniquely and filled with love. And the woman behind it all is Tamra Hernandez but she said she is mostly known as "the Sno-ball lady."

For over five generations, Hernandez has been keeping the Coastal Bend cool. She told KRIS 6 News reporter Naidy Escobar that people from all over come to enjoy her tasty sno-balls.

51 Years serving the Coastal Bend

"It’s a staple here in Corpus Christi, and it’s been here for 51 years, and it’s going on 52 in September," Hernandez said.

Her father started the business as a convenience store in 1971, but a year later, when things weren't going too well, he decided to try a new product--- the sno-ball.

 "We have over 50 different flavors that I myself make, and that was taught to me by my mom," she said. "How to make the flavoring and the syrups and everything."

Over 50 flavors at Sno-ball 1

 “I love your sno-balls," Robert Lopez, a loyal customer. He said that he has been going to the Sno-Ball 1 for five years.

And a recipe passed down from generation to generation.

 "The favorite flavor here is strawberry, then the second one is coconut, and then the third one is tiger's blood, and then the kids love bubblegum and cotton candy, and then it goes on from there," she said.

 But for her it's not just about the Sno-balls, it's about keeping her parent's legacy alive.

 “This is what they want us to do to be able to serve our community with a great product, and that’s exactly what we’re doing right now. We’re going to continue to do it as long as we can, god willing," Hernandez said.

Tamera Hernandez's Parents

Although they don’t plan to expand anymore, they have a second Southside location.

Sno-ball 1 is open every day from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

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