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JB'S Bakery now offering German table talks to the community

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Posted at 6:44 PM, Apr 18, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — JB'S Bakery is a staple for the German community like no other in the Coastal Bend, as the only German restaurant in the area.

They are now holding free table talks for the community.

Customers have a chance to walk into the bakery, and sit down with each-other and speak German.

This unique place has more to offer to the community than just their traditional foods.

They are offering the community a chance to learn about the German culture.

William Colson is a 6th generation German — his late grandparents migrated to the Coastal Bend many years ago.

He said when he was around them, he felt a close connection to his German roots.

But now that they are no longer with him, he felt like he was disconnected from his culture.

“I lost that connection about five years ago, and I have been longing to just connect with people that speak German," Colson said.

"I do not want to lose what I have learned — I want to pass it on to others because it is important to me," he said.

Stephanie Lagner is the daughter of the owners of JB'S Bakery. She usually helps out on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Lagner said customers would always ask her to introduce this concept so that they could learn about the German culture, too.

“A lot of customers and friends asked to learn German and just to talk German, there are a lot of big German communities here so we just want to talk German,” Lagner said.

Lagner said many people in the Coastal Bend with a German background were never able to be exposed to their culture.

Customers can play games, interact and learn about the culture at the bakery.

These table talks are held every Tuesday from 9:30-11:30 a.m. and any one can join.