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It's Drinking Water Week in Corpus Christi

City leaders recognizes water utility department employees
Tap water
Posted at 4:22 AM, May 03, 2021

COPRUS CHRISTI, Texas — Water, we use it every day.

“We water our flower garden once a day and we take four showers a day between the two us,” says Corpus Christi resident, Nik Ezekiel.

Amber Oetting, Strategic Communications Manager with Water Utilities in Corpus Christi says water is the essence of life.

“Its health, its safety, its everything for the public their jobs put everything on the line,” she says.

Working every day to provide safe drinking water, the water utilities department is being recognized during drinking water week as well.

“Whether it's an engineer that’s behind the scenes doing design or its one of our laboratory scientist," says Oetting.

This week gives people the opportunity to recognize how great it is to have access to safe drinking water.

“Every day we turn on that tap and flip it on and we don’t think much of it. So, this week really gives us an opportunity to reflect and think, gosh I’m really glad that’s there for us,” says Oetting.

As one of the most valuable natural resources, tap water delivers public health protection and support for the economy. This is why Mayor Paulette Guajardo has proclaimed May 2-8, 2021 as Drinking Water Week.

“I encourage all our citizens to use all our water resources efficiently and never wastefully. Remember to conserve and sustain our drinking water. Our essence of life. Thank you all very much, thank you for the job,” proclaims Mayor Guajardo.

Oetting also says since we are in a drought, it's important to conserve water as possible.

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