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How to keep your car cool during the summer

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Posted at 8:04 PM, Jun 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-16 21:04:38-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Everyone knows the heat can be extremely dangerous to a person, but it can also be extremely dangerous for your vehicle.

Mike Sanchez has been in the auto industry for over a decade. He is the store manager for Brooks Tire and said the heat affects your cars performance.

"You can have a blowout, especially with this heat, if you have a nail in it it's like a time bomb air just sits into the nail and it can pop." Sanchez said. "And if you have bad tires with cracks on them that is even worse."

Sanchez said it's important to keep your car tire pressure slightly under the recommended standard because the heat brings up the pressure already.

Hot temperatures can cause battery failures, wear out your tires quicker and it affect your A.C.'s performance

"You want to check your fluids you don't want them to get low, especially with this heat you get radiator hoses crack, your belt can be old and that can snap," Sanchez said. "So you just have to get it checked especially in this kind of temperature."

According to Sanchez, the heat can affect the proper circulation of oil and engine fluids, making the engine work harder

Frank Washington, a Brooks Tire customer has lived in the Coastal Bend most of his life.

"It's an uncomfortable feeling being hot especially when you come out of a cool house." Washington said.

Washington said it's difficult to not only keep himself cool during this heat but his car as well.

"Try to find a shaded place to park, sometimes you might have to walk a little way but it's worth it." Washington said.

Sanchez wanted to remind drivers it's not only important to keep the inside of your car cool but your engine as well.

"You want to check your radiator because that is another thing, you can have an antifreeze, especially during the summer to keep that engine cool." Sanchez said.

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