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How much does '12 Days of Christmas' cost locally?

Spoiling your true love in the 21st century
Posted at 9:49 AM, Dec 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-22 10:48:59-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The 12 days of Christmas dates back to 1780 when it was published as a children’s book. Later, it was turned into the song we know today.

We decided to find out how much it could cost to spoil your loved one with the 12 gifts of Christmas in the 21st-century.

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me, A partridge in a pear tree. Lowe’s sells pear tree plants for $44.23 and a partridge ornament for $22.99 for a total of $67.22 cents.

Two turtles. Feathered Friends & Co. in Corpus Christi doesn’t sell turtle doves but they have diamond doves for $45 a piece at a total of 90 dollars for a pair.

Three French hens. At Tractor Supply, you can get Baby chicken which will eventually turn into hens, though not particularly French. For $3.89 each when in season for a total of $11.67

Four calling birds, since there aren’t any calling birds for sale in the coastal bend. You can get this wooden wind chime to sing for you at Petsmart for $3.99 for four at $15.96.

Five golden rings. At Pharaoh’s Jewler’s, 5 10 karat gold rings will set you back $340 each for a total of $1700.

Six geese a laying you can visit Taylor’s Farm and Ranch to buy baby geese for $12 each when they’re in season for six, that’s $72.

Seven swans a swimming is getting a modern day twist at, you can order this inflatable swam for $19.79 a piece and that fun in the sun will cost you $138.53.

Eight maids a milking, I had to get creative. Natural Grovers sells two brands of milk alternatives whose company headquarters are located here in Texas. Both Milk and Mooala sell for $5.45 each. For 8? That’s $43.60, and without the hassle of finding 8 cows and the maids to milk them.

Nine ladies dancing. Lessons at CC Dancing collective cost $10 per hour and for nine ladies, that’s $90.

Ten lords of leaping. It’ll cost you $129.90 for ten to jump around for one hour at jumping world of Corpus Christi.

Elven Pipers Piping. You can buy the single of the same name on iTunes by Lucky Delucci for .99, and for 11 of your true loves, it’ll be $10.89.

Twelve drummers drumming. It’s $54 an hour for private lessons at Muscian’s Academy which comes to…drum roll please! $648.

That makes our 2020 version of the 12 days of Christmas ring in at $3,017.77. That's true love.