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How CCISD will implement in-person teaching

How CCISD will implement in-person teaching
Posted at 8:34 PM, Aug 25, 2020

Corpus Christi ISD students began their 2020-21 virtual learning on Aug. 13.

After Monday's CCISD Board Meeting, trustees voted to move forward on a waiver that would extend on-line instruction until October.

This will give the district an additional four weeks during which they can limit the number of students in buildings.

Some parents understand the need for the waiver but hope it doesn't extend past October.

"All the kids are suffering and they all need to get back into the classroom in my opinion," said Dolly Trolley, a parent of two students.

Trolley said she's definitely experienced stress while dealing with her kids' virtual learning classes.

"It’s just gotten a lot more complicated, it’s definitely more stressful on the parents," she said. "I think it’s causing a lot of anxiety amongst our kids. I know amongst my special needs child, it’s causing a lot of anxiety."

Trolley's son is disabled. She believes he needs to be back in the classroom with a teacher for hands-on learning.

"I think it’s a good idea to phase things back in," Trolley said. "I would love to see them phase the kids back in a little quicker than they are, but I understand their thought process."

According to the CCISD, the first group of students allowed back onto campuses during the first phase will be students with special needs, students still struggling with technology trouble and students whose parents are teachers.

CCISD communications director Leanne Libby-Winkler said that about 30% of students now have the desire to be back in the classroom.

"And so when you’re talking about a phase in approach - it’s a percentage of that number," Libby-Winkler said. Meaning a percentage of the 30% will be let back onto CCISD campuses, if the district continues to open buildings on Sept. 8.

Libby-Winkler said after last night's board meeting, the district still needs to finalize specifics on how the first phase will be implemented. That information should be out by the end of the week.