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Heat on the mind of those heading to Summer Games of Texas

Posted at 8:52 PM, Jul 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-21 21:52:40-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Summer Games of Texas are once again being hosted throughout Corpus Christi, this weekend. The athletes competing outdoors will have to endure higher temperatures than last year.

“Well, there’s not really much to prepare for, it’s the heat," Jesus Rodriguez said, a track athlete competing from Edinburg. "You can't do much, just drink water, stay in the shade. If you don’t need to be in the sun, don’t be in the sun.”

This is the second and last year the games will be in Corpus Christi.

Track and field is one of the first sports to kick things off on Thursday. It’s feeling hotter than usual, but it’s something the Texas Amateur Athletic Federation always prepares for.

“We have water stations in the heating tent, we have water stations at the finish line. They’re escorted off into this area as soon as the race is over, they’ll have water available here,” said Executive Director of TAAF Mark Lord.

Athletes also have shade nearby their competitions. There's also a central cool down area with misting fans.

Lord said teams can bring in a cooler full of water. Coaches are taking advantage of that and taking extra precautions.

“We got tents, we have ice chests," Drew Marc Smith said, coach for Whitehouse-Tyler Metro. "We got a lot of kids that bring pickles and fruits and all kinds of stuff to try and stay hydrated all day. Vitamin waters, try to stay off the juice, no sodas, no juice.”

Could the extreme heat affect the athletes in competition? Lord doesn’t seem to think so, because all these athletes qualified in hot temperatures.

“It can and it cannot," Rodriguez said. "For me, I've ran a bunch of meets in the heat before, so it’s normal. The Valley’s hot.”

“The athletes, in a sense are actually more prepared than the spectators," said Lord. "A lot of times grandma, may be a little in the age, really shouldn’t be here but is and we have to deal with that.”

If you’re heading out to the games this weekend you are allowed to bring one individual bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated. But remember to keep drinking that water and not waiting until you’re thirsty.

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