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Have you noticed more mosquitoes lately? City of Corpus Christi starting consistent spray schedule

Posted at 5:24 PM, Jun 28, 2024

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — If you’ve spent any time outside lately, you’ve noticed plenty of mosquitoes, sucking the fun out of your outdoor activities.

A Kailey Aman-Diaz, Flour Bluff neighbor, said she has also noticed an increase.
"The mosquitoes have been eating us alive. All through the Bluff and the Southside as well,"

So what’s the city doing to mitigate the problem? KRIS 6 news reporter Tony Jaramillo spoke with Corpus Christi Director of Public Health, Dr. Fauzia Khan.

"The health department has mosquito traps set out strategically throughout the Corpus Christi area. Those mosquito traps are checked daily for the number of mosquitoes," Dr. Khan said.

Dr. Khan.png
DR. Khan

There are 15 traps throughout the city and Dr. Khan says whichever traps have the most mosquitoes determines the spray schedule. She also adds that the traps are also sent off for disease testing.

"Weekly we send those mosquitoes to the Austin lab to make sure we don’t have any disease-carrying mosquitoes," Dr. Khan said.

Tony Jaramillo asked Air Quality Control Specialist with the city, Joel Skidmore, what his response was to those who may already have had their area sprayed and yet are still dealing with the pesky insects.

"I understand it. I live in an area that was recently sprayed and there are still a lot of mosquitoes around. We ask that you do your part. As small bottle cap of standing water can contribute to the breeding of thousands of mosquitoes," Skidmore said.

Joel Skidmore.png
Joel Skidmore

Skidmore explains how you can do your part.
"Something that people don’t even realize; ‘I have a bird bath that has standing water, I have a flower pot that has standing water. My pool is stagnant. I have overgrown grass. Do your part to help us and so that way we can get an effective community in getting the mosquitoes under control," Skidmore said.

Dr. Khan said the lab results have not indicated any diseases so far. She urges people to follow the 5 D’s of defense.

Click here to see the spray route map and dates.

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