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Granny's Tamales remains open after burglary

Posted at 4:27 PM, Apr 05, 2020

A local tamale restaurant says they are remaining open after being burglarized.

Senior Officer Travis Pace confirmed that they received a call from that location on April 2 and that a cash register was reportedly stolen.

According to an online post from Granny's Tamales, Granny stumbled upon the scene of the crime at the start of her workday.

"Upon arriving to start her day's work her heart drops only to see every business owner's worst nightmare," the post says, "Her business broken into and the cash register is gone."

But apparently that isn't enough to stop the "21-year tamale veteran."

"When asked if she was going to close for the day?," the post says, "Granny picks up her broom with a half tear in her eye and a smile on her face, 'It's time to get to work,' also stating, 'With the Lord by my side everything will be okay.'"

Granny's Tamales remains open at 3131 McArdle Road.


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