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Gov. Abbott attends local rally uniting Hispanic voters

Greg Abbott
Posted at 8:05 AM, Nov 08, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Elections have just ended, but Nueces County Republicans have made a point to start the next campaign season now with the help of Gov. Greg Abbott.

“Saving our country begins winning with the Lone Star State and that begins tonight in Corpus Christi, Texas,” Abbott said.

The rally was meant to immediately start building interest for next year's state elections.

“Something that conservative groups and organizations don’t do well is kind of after every election we take a break and then we come back every even year," Abraham Enriquez said, one of the rally speakers and founder of Bienvenido US. "Something that we’ve realized is we have to keep the momentum going.”

The Nueces County Republican Party hosted the REDy Together Rally Sunday afternoon in hopes of uniting the Hispanic vote for Republicans.

“South Texas has a strong voice and if south Texans realized the impact that their voice can make if they would just get out and use it, it would be amazing for South Texas,” said Barbie Baker, the Nueces County Republican Party Chairman.

“The values and the principals of the republican party make such a very strong connection with the Hispanic community, you saw the results of that in the election this past week,” Abbott said.

The governor capped off the rally dominated by speakers who are leaders of Hispanic organizations.

Most of the speakers preached the traditional conservative values. They then shared their dislikes of the current administration.

Among topics Abbott covered were vaccine mandates, critical race theory, energy jobs, religion, the Second Amendment and immigration.

"We all believe in legal immigration into the United States," he said. "But we disagree with lawless, reckless immigration policies like Biden’s open border policies that are wrecking the United States of America."

The next general election takes place on Nov. 22, 2022.

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