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Gas station owner responds to the claim that there's 'water in his fuel'

Posted at 6:08 PM, Sep 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-25 19:19:36-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The owner of a gas station is responding to a disabled veteran's claims that his truck broke down because of fuel contaminated with water.

The owner of Snappy’s gas station on SPID and Paul Jones said it's not his fuel causing problems to customers vehicles.

The owner who wanted to be identified as “Sam” says his gasoline station has a Veeder-Root operation system, which is a tank gauge that monitors what's inside the gas pumps.

“This monitors the water and the fuel level all of this, everything that's inside the tank,” he said. “We print it a few times a day to keep a constant eye on it.”

Every time fuel is delivered to his store, Sam says the gas distributor conducts a manual chemical stick reading, which checks for water in the pumps.

“You have a long stick you apply a paste on it on the bottom of the tip that tape is chemical so basically if there's water detected on the stick the paste changes color to pink,” said Sam. “The gas company wouldn't deliver fuel if there's water by law.”

Several people came forward, saying in the past they was water in the gas pumped from this Snappy’s location, but Sam says that was under previous management.

“It was in the past, I just bought this story recently,” said Sam. “We rectified all those issues.”

Sam claims when he acquired the store, he made all the repairs that were necessary.