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Gabe Lozano Golf Center to have major impact on City's Westside

Light improvments
Posted at 5:03 PM, Jul 01, 2024

As KRIS 6 news reported before, the 'Fire Fly' project was expected to open in May of 2023. It later got pushed to September and now—the time is finally here.

The new improvements to the Lozano Golf Center will have an impact in the Westside neighborhood. A $4.3 million project was finally finished after it was approved in 2022.

Ismael Cantu has lived near the golf course for almost 40 years and said this will bring some change especially since lights will be added.

“I think it will probably draw a little bit more things out here and it will benefit out here for sure," he said.

Cantu said that although the area in which he lives is pretty calm for the most part, the Westside of town has always had a bad stigma but that something like this new attraction will be good.

For nearly 60 years, the Gabe Lozano Golf Center has been the most popular among all golf facilities in the Coastal Bend. It is one of the city's municipal courses.

 "We’ve got an old amenity that’s got a lot of history and culture and now we’re gonna modernize it so that way we can have it could be more fun and more active for the community, District 3 Councilman Roland Barerra said.

He said this will be a game changer and is an asset to this side of town.

"I think now that’s gonna have other people like tourists are going to be able to come around and that's what expands the economy around it since there something for people to go to, Barerra added.

He said there are some fields in the area that will give the opportunity for other businesses to pop up.

 Local golfer Collin Clark golfs pretty often and is excited about the improvements coming to the area.

Local Golfer Collin Clark

"I think with improvements on golf courses it always brings in good business good people and i think it’ll help lift up this side of town," Clark said.

'Fire Fly' will be open starting Tuesday night.