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Flour Bluff woman encounters a venomous coral snake

Coral Snake
Posted at 5:37 PM, Sep 04, 2023
and last updated 2023-09-04 18:37:54-04

FLOUR BLUFF, Texas — Brittany Harland moved from Midland to the Flour Bluff area less than a month ago and in that short amount of time has already come across a coral snake—something she was not expecting.

" I am terrified, this is scary," she said.

At first, she didn't think it was that scary but when she realized it was a venomous snake she got terrified.

"You gotta look more into what you are moving into because I did not know that's what we were moving into," she said.

The Director of the National Natural Toxins Research Center at Texas A&M Kingsville, Elda E. Sanchez said the coral snake is one of the most venomous snakes in the United States.

However, they are not aggressive and are not prone to biting people. They will not bite you unless you try to grab them.

"These snakes, they don't want to be around you. You could probably pass by one they don't tend to strike in order for them to bite you or anything like that they just want to get away," Sanchez said.

Although the death rate of coral snakes isn't very high, their venom is really potent. If someone does get bit by one, they could end up dead.

Currently, Sanchez added there is only expired anti-venom to treat a coral snake's bite—but it is effective.

If someone gets bitten by a coral they must seek medical attention as it could lead to death.

"I would say in about 30 minutes you probably start to feel symptoms as soon as you get bit and the sooner you get to a medical facility the better it will be for the patient," she said.

Sanchez said that people who are out gardening and those who try to handle theses snakes are the ones prone to getting bitten.

Sanchez recommends you always be aware of your surroundings when you are out gardening and to remember that these snakes won't come after you, if you just leave them alone

"I guess after seeing that it makes you more aware, cause you wouldn't be aware unless it happens to you right? So I am aware now, and we are going to put some snake repellent out and do our best to hopefully not get them again," Haland said.

She said that although it was a scary situation to experience, she isn't going anywhere. She loves the Coastal Bend and said she just has to be more cautious.

Her neighbors have also seen similar snakes and are putting repellent out in their backyards.