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Flour Bluff business on Laguna Shores thankful to dodge bullet with TS Beryl

Posted at 7:54 PM, Jul 08, 2024

CORPUS CHRISTI, Tx — The Laguna Shores area in Flour Bluff is prone to flooding and this last round with Tropical Storm Beryl caused many local businesses to prepare for the worst.

KRIS 6 News reporters Naidy Escobar and Tony Jaramillo spoke to the owners of Mimi's & Papa's, a business located on the Laguna Shores. They said that even though they may have been over-prepared for Tropical Storm Beryl, it was worth the effort, knowing their restaurant was safe.

Owner Julia Mills has poured her heart and soul into Mimi's & Papa's and said it has been a dream come true for her. She added that she would hate to see her hard work get damaged in an instant with something like flooding.

“To have a storm come and destroy it would be devastating," Mills said.

Mills admitted that she wasn't as prepared for Tropical Storm Alberto two weeks ago.

"The surge came in and it was really a concern for us and it came up pretty far. It was to the end of the road. We had to shut down for a few days," Mills said.


But this time around, the restaurant made sure they were ready.

"[This is] My dining area, on the patio we took everything and pushed it up against the walls. We stacked the chairs and we rolled up all of our are our canopies so that we can to keep the rain out. We’ve done a lot of things just to oversee and try to keep us safe," Mills said.


And she said she noticed even neighbors prepared.

"SEA TOW usually has their boats in over here. I have never seen SEA TOW safety boat out of the water since I’ve lived here and as we can see the safety boats even out of the water so we’ve all been preparing around here," Mills said.

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