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Experts say lack of rain leading to saltier water in the Coastal Bend

Fisherman are struggling to make a catch this summer
Posted at 7:36 PM, Aug 05, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Right now, local anglers are having a hard time catching fish in the Coastal Bend.

Johnny Almanza is a fisherman who goes fishing near Indian Pointe Pier.

“We had a slow season for flounder. The flounder really hit when it’s nice and cold,” said Almanza.

Almanza has spent the last 10 years fishing in the Coastal Bend. He said the water levels have just not been the same this year.

At this point, he’s hoping it rains.

“You know you get a good thunderstorm from the north that cleans out the bay and it’ll start a whole new season for everyone,” said Almanza.

A good amount of rain will also help balance out the how salty the water is, he added.

Simon J. Brandl at the Marine Science Institute agrees.

Brandl said marine life is negatively impacted by the lack of rain which brings in freshwater.

Instead, high temperatures have driven up the salinity, which is prompting fish to swim deeper into the ocean.

Fil Spencer, a local fishing guide has seen this firsthand when he’s kayak fishing.

“The bites a little bit tougher because of the salinity. I know a lot of guides who go out on boats, and they have been having a hard time in several places,” Spencer said.

Spencer is worried the dry conditions will only get worse.

“That will take a toll on us if we don’t see some type of rain to help us,” he said.

The salinity levels have also made shrimp and crabs harder to catch this summer.