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Duval County home program aims to spruce up local dwellings

Area home program helps low income homeowners
Duval County home program aims to spruce up local dwellings
Posted at 6:33 AM, Oct 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-29 07:33:36-04

A new home program is helping some Duval County homeowners upgrade their dwellings.

County Judge Gilbert Saenz said the program provides funds to assist low income homeowners replace their current home with a new home built on the same lot.

The program is in its formative stages. Saenz said the county is permitted to provide 40 applications as of now.

“To start is to get that application, to review it and to start checking to see if you qualify,” he said.

Saenz said the county has received help from GrantWorks to help administer the program, with a goal to to help as many people as possible because of the need to upgrade homes in the area.

“This year, if we can get as many possible through just to see who is going to qualify," Saenz said. "Next year, we will have another round to see if we can even get more."

Saenz said there is not a specific starting date when the design or construction would begin.

A lengthy process of paperwork is present to determine who is qualified. Among the considerations include site visits to check which people meet the requirements. Because of the pandemic, Saenz hopes the program can begin within a year.

“It is a timely process because there is a lot of paperwork involved, requirements and pointers that have to be crossed off the list to make sure we meet all the grant requirements,” he said. "It is very important that everyone, whether you are a veteran, elderly, you’re a child, have a safe and secure home where they can enjoy."

You can pick up and drop off your applications at the Duval County Courthouse starting on Monday. The deadline to submit a completed application is Dec. 11.

Completed applications can be sent by Fax, email or dropped off at the courthouse.