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District Attorneys Office learns gun procedures and family defense

Posted at 9:36 PM, Sep 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-21 22:36:25-04

Some of the Nueces County District Attorney's Office attended a class about gun procedures and family safety.

13 representatives from the office learned specifically how to properly use and store a firearm and how to protect their families from improper gun access.

"People in the office have done it before, but the idea is that first obviously some of our cases involve firearms," said Matt Manning, Assistant District Attorney for Nueces County. "So it is important for us to have the best knowledge possible about how they work but how they are properly stored and what the law is in regards to those. But also that people have the opportunity to avail themselves of the ways that they can protect themselves if they choose to do that and that is why the class was setup."

This was one of the first steps for them to get a concealed hand gun license. The district attorney's office believes that staying ahead on gun education is the key to safety.

"We want to be at the cutting edge of all information. Whatever information is out there, we want to have it so we can be at the forefront of prosecuting our cases properly. But also, those who chose to do this, to protect yourself, protect your family and know how to use a weapon and know what the law requires." Manning said.