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Corpus Christi business owner slams glam into the WWE/AEW ring

LIPPIES by Allure Aesthetix graced the lips of several WWE/AEW superstars
Posted at 6:26 PM, Nov 25, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI — A Corpus Christi lipstick line entered the professional ring to make sure the ladies of World Wrestling Entertainment and All Elite Wrestling were ready for a smackdown.

LIPPIES by Allure Aesthetix graced the lips of several WWE and AEW superstars.

The line was started by Allure Aesthetic’s owner Tracey Guajardo who specializes in lip injections.

“Just seeing their reaction when they see the changes,” Guajardo said. “Building confidence on people.”

Allure is a med spa off Esplanade Drive on the South Side.

Guajardo said she has a passion to make people feel beautiful.

“Women who have taken care of their kids all their life and then their kids are finally grown and they have time for themselves,” Guajardo said.

She decided to expand her business.

“What’s better than a lip line with lip injections?” Guajardo said.

In 2022 she launched LIPPIES, selling lip liner, lipsticks and lip gloss.

“We have a chemist that we work with and distributing company,” Guajardo said.

Soon after, she got a call from longtime friend and pro makeup artist, Lindsey Hendrix.

“She saw the line, she tried on a few of them and she too was impressed with the line and she actually goes on tour with the AEW and the WWE girls and she decided that it would be a perfect line for the girls during the show,” Guajardo said.

“I was so excited,” Shayla Santos, an aesthetician at Allure, said. “I’m a wrestling fan. My little boy loves wrestling as well.”

With 58 shades created by her and the Allure team, she made sure the pros slammed glam into the wrestling ring.

“We all kind of really put in our own little flair to it,” Guajardo said.

“My favorite shades are So Extra or Lick 'em,” Santos said.

There’s some sassy shades too.

“It’s called basic (expletive),” Guajardo said.

Guajardo said she’s grateful to see her line on powerful women.

“Very strong women,” Guajardo said. “I can’t even explain it. It’s emotional because we’ve come a long way and we built a strong team it’s amazing.”

She had advice for small business owners just starting their journey

“Think big, think different,” Guajardo said. “If you think it’s going to grab someone’s attention, do it.”

People can buy LIPPIES at a kiosk upstairs at La Palmera Mall or at Allure Aesthetix at 5826 Esplanade Dr. suite 304 B.