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Community members remembering Christopher Ruiz, the teen that drowned at Lake Corpus Christi

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Posted at 5:18 PM, Jun 14, 2024

Christopher Ruiz was a 19-year-old loved by his community in Robstown. On Sunday he drowned at Lake Corpus Christi, the second drowning at the lake in two weeks.

KRIS 6 News sat with Chris’ parents to hear about their son and learn how they want him remembered.

“My heart is shattered, but I know my faith will pull me through,” Michelle Ruiz, Chris’s mother, said.

Michelle said her son was truly a one-of-a-kind.

“Christopher was a free spirit, very outgoing. He loved to dance, he loved to play jokes and play around and just live life,” Michelle said.

Michelle said the community, has offered lots of support for someone many have looked up to.

“He put a lot of obstacles in his way, I can tell you that, but he always overcame them, and he never lost his goal and never lost his vision of what he wanted to do,” Michelle said.

At the time of his death, Christopher was one semester away from completing his associate degree in welding at Del Mar College.

But, on that Sunday, Michelle said things took a tragic turn in the blink of an eye.

“God has done this for a reason, whether it is to get Chris’ story out or whether it’s to help another family, or whether it’s to adore god as we need to,” Michelle said.

Michelle said nothing that could have been done could have avoided this.

“There was no boating issue there was no horse playing, there was nothing that was done, this was just Chris being impulsive,” Michelle said.

Michelle added she believes her son’s drowning is a perfect opportunity to send a message to others who enjoy being on the water.

“It’s good to have fun but there is also the danger, these kids nowadays feel like nothing is ever going to happen to them,” Michelle said. “They feel invincible, to anything, not only the water, but they’re also invincible to drugs, gun violence, partying too hard.”

Chris’s dad, Lauro Hernandez Jr. said Chris will be very missed,

“He was a good guy, he would rub you the wrong way but, after a while, he would just grow on you, he will be missed definitely,” Hernandez said.

Christopher's parents said they hope to start a welding scholarship in their son’s honor next year, for students at Robstown ISD.

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