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Commissioners approve Nueces County aerial fireworks ban

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Posted at 12:44 PM, Jun 08, 2022

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Nueces County commissioners on Wednesday voted to ban the use and sale of aerial fireworks in the unincorporated areas of the county during the July 4 season.

Fireworks are banned for use within city limits in Nueces county. This move essentially makes the vote a countywide ban.

The ban was recommended by Annaville fire chief Michael Clack because of ongoing dry conditions which have made the area prone to brushfires. It goes into effect June 14, and no end date was specified during Wednesday's regular meeting.

The ban only applies to certain types of aerial fireworks.

"Typically when the aerial fireworks ban is put in place, it’s just for consumers," Clack said. "And it means anything with a stick or a fin that can fly and that’s going to fall back down to the earth."

Clack says those fins and sticks from fireworks like bottle rocket can act as matches in dry grass and brush.

Other fireworks — like mortars used in professional shows — will likely still be available at firework stands.

One firework company doesn't expect the ban will impact sales.

“(Fireworks with sticks and fins are) such a small portion of our large portion of inventory," Alamo Fireworks Sales Director Chelsea Bode said. "Although it is something people love — and people come just for rockets — it’s not something that’s going to stop people from coming out to our stands. It’s not going to stop people from being able to celebrate their Fourth of July."

With that in mind, Clack had some advice for people who do plan to celebrate Independence day with fireworks.

“You need to practice safety," he said. "You need to have water hoses available. You need to have buckets of water if you’re out away from (a water source) a bit. But just be prepared, and call 911 early (after a fire starts). Let’s get help out there as quick as possible,

An outdoor burn ban also was implemented.

Sr. Digital Content Producer Ana Tamez contributed to this story.