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Come for a ride-along with Precinct 2 Constable Chief Deputy to find out what exactly they do

Posted at 4:36 PM, Jun 26, 2024

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Chief Deputy David Lindner for Nueces Co. Precinct 2 Constable has about 25 years of experience in law enforcement. He's worked for different agencies from the Nueces County Jail, to CCISD police and more.

He tells KRIS 6 News reporter Tony Jaramillo about what a typical day looks like for him.
"I start my day off with taking paperwork from our office to the courthouse. I stop by Judge Thelma Rodriguez's office and pick up any paperwork that is going the courthouse for them," Lindner said.

Chief Deputy David Lindner.png

"In our precinct, we serve a lot of civil papers, which is Attorney General child support papers, divorce papers, small claims, evictions, writ of possessions, which is where we physically move people out of the house and return the property back to the landlord," the Chief Deputy said.

But the long-time law enforcement officer said that's not all the constable's office does.
"On top of that, we also perform law enforcement duties as far as responding to calls for service. And also, enforce traffic laws.

Traffic violation.png

KRIS 6 reporter, Tony Jaramillo, asked the Chief Deputy if the Constable's office has the authority to make traffic stops.
"Yes we are a peace officer just like anybody in the Sheriff's Department, Texas DPS, CCPD," Lindner said.

Tony Jaramillo also asked what was something Chief Deputy Lindner wanted people to know about the Constable's office.
"That we're here to help. We have many different resources to assist people in whatever questions and concurs that they have. About public safety, anything in general. We can help," Lindner said.

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