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Coastal Bend healthcare providers using virtual reality for therapy

Posted at 6:27 AM, Jan 18, 2023

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Have you ever thought video games could help treat anxiety?

YOVOLVE healing center has started applying virtual reality therapy to treat things like anxiety and depression among adults and children.

Kate Rodriguez co-founder of YOVOLVE tells us she has been working hard with her team to bring virtual reality into their therapy sessions.

She shared that one patient of hers with a fear of doctors’ visits showed great improvement after trying out the virtual therapy.

“While she's in the environment, like let's say waiting in the waiting room, we can be talking about the thoughts that are coming up and being able to combat that. So, identifying which areas cause that stress and then working in that area is how it’s going to work the most,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez explained after the patient puts on that headset, she can transport them into a scene where they feel most anxious or uncomfortable.

Through a heart monitor, she can see when and what triggers the patient, and if they ever feel too anxious, she moves them into a more relaxed simulation and has them practice breathing techniques.

YOVOLVE is located at 433 south Tancahua street and is taking appointments through theirwebsite