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Coastal Bend feeling pinch of rising meat prices

Soaring meat prices
Posted at 7:12 PM, Jun 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-03 20:12:33-04

KINGSVILLE, Texas — Barbecues in South Texas are a tradition for some, but the rise in the prices of some meats could put the party on hold.

A recent cyberattack by Russians on JBS, the world's biggest meat producer could be to blame, but there are two other reasons for the spike in meat prices.,

The lack of workers at meat plants and the rise in gas prices have also contributed to the soaring costs, according to Beef and Bones meat market in Kingsville.

" We have only been open about a month and a half and I have seen an increase in the price of meat," said Charlie Williams, the owner of Beef and Bones Meat Market. "Possibly 30 percent."

Williams has seen an increase in prime rib eye and in packer brisket.

"The increase in gas and fuel prices, that affects the meat prices, to have our meat transported by the truckers," Williams said. "That costs more and the producers tack that on."

Customer Chandler Chiappe said it is important to shop local meat markets, no matter the increase.

"Local businesses are the heart and soul of what we do," Chiappe said. "Corporations are a big part of America, but if I can support local ... this is just superior quality to what you are gonna get at a supermarket."

Williams said producers expect the market should stabilize within the next six months. Then, meat prices should start to go down.