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City structures largely unscathed by Hanna

Posted at 10:32 PM, Jul 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-27 23:32:12-04

Corpus Christi escaped Hurricane Hanna mostly unscathed, said city officials.

There were minor damages to the Corpus Christi Police Department main station, which included leaks, that are scheduled to be fixed over the next few weeks.

City repair crews also have been working to remove debris, fixing traffic signals and restoring power to those who lost it due to Hurricane Hanna.

City of Corpus Christi Public Works Director Richard Martinez said city crews and AEP were out Monday fixing traffic signals across the city taken out by the storm.

He said people should use caution as they enter intersections still needing to be repaired, and to treat it like a four-way stop.

Martinez also said the only other reports of severe damage were uncovered potholes, which currently are being fixed as well.

City manager Peter Zanoni said most city structures seem to have held up well, such as the sea wall by the Windward parking lot near Whitecap Beach.

"It didn’t seem to be any undermining evidence of or displacement of the concrete sea wall,” he said.

Zanoni said his office is working on purchasing a new sand machine to help clear sand left behind on North Beach and alleviate the traffic. It would also serve to help residents receive sand bags in the case of another bad storm.