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City of Kingsville looking to mandate spay, neuter after animal is impounded

Posted at 10:18 PM, Jul 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-21 23:18:34-04

KINGSVILLE, TEXAS — The City of Kingsville plans to introduce an ordinance Monday that's meant to keep a large animal population at a low, and keep neighbors and their pets safe.

The ordinance will make it mandatory for pet owners to spay and neuter their animals if they are taken to the pound.

It was created by both Kingsville's city manager and the city's health board to keep potentially dangerous animals off the streets.

"We're no different than any other town or city in Texas that has an issue with dogs running loose or running at large. It's detrimental to people trying to enjoy their afternoon or early mornings," City of Kingsville's Health Director Emilio Garcia said.

With the proposed ordinance, the owner will have thirty days after they pick up their pet from the pound to have them sterilized — which the pet owner will have to pay for.

If the owner does not show proof of sterilization after they pick up their dog or cat from the pound within those 30 days, they'll be given a citation with a fee.

They will also be called to court. The first impoundment will cost $25, the second $50 and the third $75.

"The reason it was impounded was because it was probably running at large, so you're probably already in violation of that because your dog is running loose. It should be tied up and confined on your property," Garcia said.

Some residents already have their pets spayed and neutered and said they can see the benefit.

"I think its a good thing because the dogs are a lot less aggressive and a lot more calm. I think they are also happier, and it's a great way, if you can't take care of other dogs, for them to not reproduce," Kingsville pet owner Kristin Flores said.

Garcia said if a pet owner needs their dog or cat spayed and neutered they can speak with any one of the local veterinarians to set up an appointment within the thirty day notice.

The city also works with People Assisting Animal Control to offer free spay and neutering services in different areas of town.

If the ordinance passes, it will take effect by the end of summer.

For those interested in wanting to adopt a cat or dog from Kingsville, they can contact the Kingsville Health Department at 361-592-3324. The health department also has an adoption event every first Saturday of the month.