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City council approves revisions to animal care ordinance

Vet with dog and cat
Posted at 8:32 AM, Mar 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-02 13:16:00-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Mayor Paulette Guajardo and the City Council approved the first reading of an amendment to an ordinance dedicated to animal care and control during Tuesday's City Council meeting.

"These revisions bring the ordinances up to current animal welfare standards and practices, allowing the City to continue providing essential services through its animal control program," said city officials.

The changes to the ordinance include:

  • Defining “Animal Rescue Organization”
  • Updating Pet Shop Requirements and Prohibition
  • Clarifying definition changes to prohibited animals
  • Adding requirements for dangerous dog owners
  • Amending regulations regarding aggressive dogs

City officials also proposed a new section to the ordinance that states all animals over six months must be spayed and neutered unless an owner obtains an Intact Permit from Animal Care Services.

"An intact permit would authorize ownership or possession of a pet without them being spayed or neutered," said city officials.

City officials also laid out guidelines in order to prohibit the selling of puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats in any pet store unless they are animals from Corpus Christi Animal Care Services (CCACS) or an Animal Rescue with a current Memorandum of Understanding with CCACS.

“The City of Corpus Christi’s Animal Care Services is working to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the overpopulation of animals and strays,” Mayor Guajardo said.

“Today’s action is being proactive in addressing this issue," said Mayor Guajardo.

According to city officials, the second reading of the ordinance revisions will be on March 7. Officials plan to have the revisions to the ordinance and the new fee schedule take effect on October 1.

To learn more about the Animal Care Services Chapter 6 Ordinance amendments, please visit our website at [].