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Caught on Tape: Animal cruelty at West Guth Park

West Goose Park
Posted at 6:37 PM, Mar 13, 2023

Update 3/14/2023: Corpus Christi Police said they identified the people in the video and had an extensive talk with the family. They are now turning the case over to Corpus Christi Animal Care Services. CCACS will review the information and decide if it meets the criteria for animal cruelty.

A trip to cover a story at West Guth Park turned into an entirely different story Monday afternoon.

As our photojournalist was at the park covering a story about the duck pond he noticed a group of people grabbing the geese by the neck.

The video shows a woman first feeding the geese when all of a sudden she grabs one by the neck and then grabs another.

The geese are clearly trying to get away but can’t.

Moments later, a child is seen with his hands wrapped around a goose’s neck while standing over it.

Our photojournalist called the police. When the officers arrived they watched our video and told us they were pursuing animal cruelty charges.