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Calallen students given an emergency ride after being stuck in traffic on graduation day

Posted at 4:54 PM, May 22, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-23 16:51:37-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Gloria Gonzalez and Javen Navarro, seniors at Calallen High School, were excited and nervous to graduate.

“I felt scared whenever it was the day of graduation,” Gonzales said.

However, when the big moment came, life wasn’t all noteworthy, in fact, it became stressful for the soon-to-be graduates.

In a TikTok video given to KRIS 6 News, you can hear Gonzales is extremely frustrated with being stuck in traffic.

“Be for real bro, of course someone must get in a wreck,” she said.

Gonzales said that they had been sitting on the road for about 45 minutes waiting for traffic to clear. It wasn’t too long before they received a touch of love from their guardian angel, which caused the ride to get a little more interesting.

“I feel like she wanted me to be there, and she just put them at the spot at the right time for me to arrive at graduation on time,” she said.

Tragically, her sister, Alexis Gonzales, was killed during a shooting in February.

Though her sister is physically gone, Gloria believes her spirit guided the Corpus Christi Fire Department to help them.

“Her and my grandpa are my guardian angels, so I feel like they put them at the right spot,” she said.

Javen said that he thought they were going to miss the graduation because things were moving so slow.

“Honestly, I didn’t have as much hope as I did, because there was no way to get out. There’s no way I can get there. It was just really unexpected,” Navarro said.

Captain Bryan Sayles, who works for the Corpus Christi Fire Department, said this is a good example of what first responders are supposed to do.

"End up rendering care to those that needed it, and we were just waiting on tow trucks at that point,” Sayles said. “My driver noticed there were some kids in their caps and gowns getting ready for graduation. At that point, we made a decision to help them get to where they needed to go. We knew they had to graduate at ten."

Gloria plans to move to Missouri to be a part of the United States Army and Javen will continue taking classes in welding at Del Mar College.

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