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Calallen High School senior accepted into over 100 colleges as graduation looms

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Posted at 8:05 PM, May 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-10 21:05:52-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — One student from Calallen High School will be making quite an impression not only within his high school, but with the numerous colleges he was accepted into.

Senior Fabian Elizondo is just a week shy of graduating high school but told KRIS 6 News that he was accepted into over 109 colleges, and received a total of 42 scholarships with worth over $2,000,000.

All these awards Elizondo received were due to his excellent grades throughout the school years.

Elizondo said his family and friends were his biggest motivation.

“My grandma was super excited when I got my first college acceptance and then they just kept coming in,” Elizondo said.

Some of the schools Elizondo got accepted into include Texas Tech University, Texas State University and even Notre Dame College.

Elizondo says he want to go to school for nursing and his goal is to become a travel nurse.

“I spent around two years studying more in the medical field and just overall what nurses do and just all the things they need to know,” he said.

Elizondo said other students who are also graduating soon and who are maybe feeling lost for their next step, to always believe in themselves.

“Never think too low, you can always go higher, just have that faith in yourself.” Elizondo said.

Despite his many acceptances, Elizondo wanted to stay close to home and his family for his first college years, which is why he decided to attend Del Mar College to begin his career.

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