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Business owner is offering back to school free lice checks and discount treatments

Posted at 1:08 AM, Jul 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-27 02:27:42-04

CORPUS CHRISTI — Head lice can affect anyone, at any time that is why a business owner is trying to protect your children from these unwanted visitors.

Our Action 10 news team spoke to CEO of Lice Busters South Texas Miranda Davis.

She says ignoring the symptoms of head lice can lead to major problems to a person's scalp.

And a huge red flag is constant itching.

Head lice is not a fun thing for any child to experience and the frustration can cause headaches for several parents.

Miranda Davis is stepping in or better yet spraying in to tackle this problem with a free lice check for all South Texas children.

Her essential oils not only come in different scents like chocolate, cotton candy, or bubble gum but they stop the creepy crawlers right in their tracks.

“So I go to these homes and I've had some parents cry because it's really frustrating especially if you don't know how to remove the lice and they have tried everything over the counter and they call us and we get in and get out within an hour and we have a 30-day guarantee parents love us,” says Davis

Head lice can cause continuous itching of the scalp, constant squirming, or even pain from the scalp.

Davis also says, folks should avoid sharing hoodies or hats, head to head contact, even taking "selfies" closely with others.

The new school year is fast approaching and this free lice check will help many families here in the Coastal Bend.

The free lice consultation will take place Sunday, July 28, 2019, at 6625 Wooldridge Drive suite 101.

Another tip of advice Davis adds is that it is also very important to wash your children’s sheets regularly.

For more information check out this link.